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Hello! I'm a Life and Grief Coach based in New York City and San Francisco. I work with individuals and small groups on all kinds of issues and projects. Have you recently experienced the loss of a loved one or pet? Gone through a breakup or divorce? Are you struggling with a health issue? As a Grief Coach, I've worked with people around all these things and more. Together, we'll walk through the grieving process and you'll get the support you need. Coaching is about moving forward and Grief Coaching is no different. We will help you make progress, one step at a time until you find the peace that you're seeking. Are you searching for a career that's more fulfilling that your current job? Or do you love your job but want to achieve more, earn more and reach your career goals? Has your startup been struggling to get the clients and funding that you need? Are you feeling stuck and unsure of what you want to do? Business Coaching can be a great resource for you to help you in any of these areas. What about your personal life? Tired of seeing everyone else in a relationship while you sit at home, alone? Do you want to have more time to see your partner and improve the quality of your relationship? Do you need to communicate better? Feeling overwhelmed by taking care of everyone else while putting yourself last? Are you out of shape but can't seem to get motivated to go to the gym? These are all things that we can work on together to get you in action, making progress and actually creating the things that matter most to you. Contact me today to see how Coaching can help you reach your goals and have the life you want!