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  • Soccer training
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  • Sports coach

Profesional in Government & International Relations with experience in the coordination of projects in field though areas as confflict resolution, participative planning, fight against corruption and development process. Former school teacher (Homeroom teacher, social studies political science and, geography). With certificate in teaching spanish. I like sports (I coached soccer teams). I'm multitasking, I like and got involved innovation and participative process in public and globalization context. More especific porposes: - Professional thematic experience in areas of democratic governance, participative planning and budgeting, human security, youth participation, peace building, fight against corruption, social civil estreghtenend, conflict prevention and resolution through dialogue. Inclusion of youth and minorities in development projects. -Working experience in participative planning and budgeting. Implementation of strategies in fight against corruption (accountability and social control). Peacekeeping and conflict resolution through the implementation of participatory development process (settings in the Colombian conflict). - Solid experience in program management and coordination (designing and implementing multi-stakeholder projects) involving policy advice, research and impact monitoring. Work under preassure, recognition of multicultural values, and capacity of building and training processes. Adpability and empathy.